INTRODUCING glockcartel  is an online and retail firearm dealer and distribution center based in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in providing quality firearms and accessories to registered buyers. It became apparent that the process of buying a gun online was too cumbersome, slow, and confusing. We set about to change that. And so, we began the process of building a better way to buy guns online – one that brought ease and savings to customers, while protecting and growing local gun store owner revenue. Therefore, it is our goal and our promise to provide our customers access to high-quality firearms at the lowest possible price with the best customer service they have ever experienced. We greatly appreciate our loyal customers and we assure complete customer satisfaction.


Small Firearms

Browse through glockcartel Guns online shop for a huge inventory of ranged weaponry. Find high-quality small firearms such as pistols and revolvers for a range of small and short-range firearms hand cannons for hunting and home defense. Whatever the purpose, these small firearms provide reliable use and precision. Make sure to invest in gun cleaning and maintenance products to help keep your firearm in working order.

Large Firearms

Find larger and longer-range firearms, including rifles, shotguns and black powder guns, to take on bigger game out in the wild. Shop a wide selection of bolt-action & semi-automatic guns from manufacturers such as Heckler & Koch, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Savage Arms, Springfield, Winchester, SIG SAUER and more at glockcartel Guns Online Shop. Replacement stocks, grips and accessories are available to customize the firearm to your liking, and shooting and safety goggles are also available to help ensure safe shooting when firing the weapon. Use these and other firearm tools to take care of your firearm and ensure smooth performance whenever operating it.

Action and Caliber

Choose from a variety of action styles and calibers to fit the situation. Each action type and caliber presents advantages and disadvantages, so make sure the action type or caliber fits the hunting or home defense purpose for which the firearm is being used. The first consideration when buying ammunition is the caliber – or more precisely the cartridge. “Caliber” is generally the measure of a bullet’s diameter; the higher the caliber, the bigger the bullet, and generally the larger the game it can be used for. However, caliber is just one characteristic that makes up a rifle cartridge. The “cartridge” is the overall name of the ammunition. It takes into consideration the length, diameter, and all other specifications of the round.

Make Sure You Know How to Keep Guns Safe.

Guns are dangerous weapons. They aren't toys. That should be obvious but unfortunately, accidents happen. Keeping guns safe is more than just trigger locks and gun safes, but it's still important to keep guns safe and locked away so they can only be used by properly trained operators. Talk with your kids and other people in your home as well.


When you buy from Metal, you can be assured that the gun you buy gets to you quickly, safely, and is exactly what you bought. We stand behind every purchase made on our site. You can be confident when you buy from Metal

Know Why You Want a Gun

There's a lot of guns out there and they have different uses. Whatever your intended purpose (including for self-defense) it's important that you know why you want a gun and how you intend to use it.